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Fixed Drug Erruption
Feb 12, 2020 by Admin

A fixed drug eruption is an allergic reaction to a medicine that characteristically recurs in the same site or sites each time a particular drug is taken.It presents as well defined, round or oval patches of redness and swelling of the skin, sometimes surmounted by a blister. This then fades to a purplish or brown colour and the blister shrinks and peels off. In mucosal sites (lips, vulva, penis), extensive ulceration can occur.The hands and feet, lips, eyelids, genitalia and perianal areas are common sites.Drugs that cause a fixed drug eruptionThe number of drugs capable of causing fixed eruptions is large. Most reactions are due to the following medicines.Paracetamol /phenacetin and other pain killersTetracycline antibiotics; doxycycline, minocycline

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Stem Cell
Feb 12, 2020 by Admin

A Stem cell hair transplant is like a conventional hair transplant. Yet rather than evacuating countless hairs to transplant to the zone of male pattern baldness, an undeveloped cell hair transplant expels a little skin test from which hair follicles are reaped.  The follicles are then reproduced in a lab and embedded go into the scalp in the zones of male pattern baldness. This enables hair to develop where the follicles were taken from, just as where they're transplanted.  Undeveloped cell hair transplants exist just in principle right now. Research is progressing. It's evaluated that undeveloped cell hair transplants might be accessible by 2020 Steam cells are cells that can possibly morph into various sorts of cells found in the body. They're unspecialized cells that can't do explicit things in the body.  In any case, they're ready to multiply and reestablish themselves to either remain foundational steam cells or become different sorts of cells. …

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Herpes Zoster Herpes
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Herpes Zoster also known as Shingles is an infection caused by varicella-zoster virus, the same virus that causes chickenpox. This virus even after causing chickenpox might stay in the nervous system for many years and then causing shingles. Royal Hairnic centre has been helping individuals with this condition by providing the best medical care at a really affordable cost.SYMPTOMS:The signs or symptoms include pain and burning in the affected area which is mostly one side of the body and just a small area.1. Early symptoms can be fever, headache but not necessarily related to shingles but can lead to burning sensations or pain in the affected areas starting with a rash.2. The rash may turn red after a few days of pain-causing itching.3. The pain and rash occur mostly on the torso but can appear on the eyes, face and other parts of the body.4. A blistering rash may be caused around eyes on eyelids or forehead leading to pain or throbbing in your eye. Shingles of the eye can ca…

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