Female Baldness

Female Baldness

Androgenetic alopecia or female pattern baldness is a kind of baldness that affects only women mostly which is hereditary. It usually starts post menopause and the hormones can totally be responsible here. Women hair loss patterns are different compared to male hair loss patterns under this.

Under this type of baldness the hair growth slows down and it also takes a very long time for new set of hair to grow back. This happens because the hair follicles shrinks down resulting in the growth of thinner and fewer hair to grow back which further leads to easy breakage of the hair.

Women face different patterns, but the most common one can be the one that starts from their part line then continuing to their temples. Over all they can loose hair from all over their hair.

There are 3 types of female pattern baldness

1. Type I is a small amount of thinning that starts around your part.

2. Type II involves widening of the part, and increased thinning around it.

3. Type III is thinning throughout, with a see-through area at the top of your scalp.


1. Minoxidil

This is the most common and the only drug that has been approved by the US (FDA). There are 2 more types under this, that is the 2% and the 5% which is supposed to be a better one. Usage of this drug also has a few side affects like redness, dryness, itching and hair growth on areas where you didn’t want it, such as your cheeks.

2. Spironolactone

This is a drug which removes excess fluid from the body blocking the production of androgen which in turn leads to the growth of hair. Usage of this drug also has a few side effects like electrolyte imbalances, fatigue, spotting between periods, irregular menstruation and tender breasts.

3. One of the best and a relatively permanent method for hair growth is transplanting of hair, which also looks and feels and regrows like natural hair. 

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