Low level laser Therapy

Low level laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is a pain free method to restore your hair. technology has advanced so much that we can now have a painfree technique to restore hair.

the basic concept of laser therapy is using painfree light to stimulate your hair follicles to restore hair by faster growth  and  to obtain thicker hair.

How does low lever laser work ?

Low level laser therapy is also known as photobiomodulation . a Laser with low frequency , which is suitable for the human contact is selected.

parts of the scalp which requires attention and those parts where the hair follicles are shrinking , and evident hair fall areas are targeted.

by aiming these parts of the scalp , the cells are stimulated for faster regrowth of the hair at these areas.

this is one of the fastest and effective processes for hair regrowth.

why low level laser therpay ?

1. it has already proven to be safe and effective

2. Low level laser therapy is also known as cold laser , the medical industry has been using cold laser for decades hence the there is more experience in handling laser therapy cases

3. there is no burn , scars or injecting in laser therapy. it is painfree

4. there is more probability of increasing hair density in laser therapy when compared to others.

low level laser therapy is most reliable and is proven yo be the best way for hair regrowth.

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