Dandruff is mainly a dermatology problem. Are you experiencing flaky scalp when you comb your hair ? or mild itchiness ? It is because of dandruff in your scalp.


Dandruff is a skin condition where tiny particles called corneocyte come together to form flakes that will be present on your scalp and cause itchiness. this can result in flakes falling off your scalp regularly. A more severe condition of dandruff can be inflammation of the scalp , this condition is known as  seborrhoeic dermatitis.


The cause for dandruff is still very unclear. but some causes for dandruff are


1. Hair products : certain hair products like shampoos and conditioners may not suite your scalp and cause dandruff. This is known as contact dermatitis


2. Fungus : a fungus that cause your scalp to be oily is known as Malassezia


3. Dry skin : dry skin casuses flaky scalp


4. Hormones : Hormones also play a vital role in causing dandruff. Men are more likely to get dandruff than women


The root cause of dandruff is often diagnosed by taking some sample and studying it in the lab.


It is common to experience  mild dandruff , this can be taken care by using mild shampoo and washing hair regularly. Severe dandruff is usually treated by specially designed shampoos and anti fungal creams.


Dandruff , if neglected can result in psoriasis. At our clinic , we have well equipped labs and the best doctors to treat dandruff. contact us for treatment 

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