Male Pattern

Male Pattern

male pattern baldness is only seen in men around the age of  50. This is mainly due the the reactions of hormones throughout their lifetime. According to studies more than 50% of men at this age are effected by male pattern baldness.

what happens in male pattern baldness ?

In each growth cycle of the hair , each hair falling will have another to replace it. in the later stages this rate of falling and replacement will not be the same. Hair follicles start to shrink. The strands of hair produced will be thinner. eventually the hair growth cycles slows down and finally stops. this is the mechanism of male pattern baldness.

how to recognize male pattern baldness ?

most of the males experiencing this will observe that  the hair loss is in the shape of an M on the forehead. some others might just experience a bald spot.

the most common reason for male pattern baldness is because of genetics. genetically inherited baldness is not harmful. but sudden hair fall and baldness maybe signifying that there are other health problems that are causing it, like prostate cancer , thyroid etc.

there are other reasons like nutritional disorders and fungal infections too, that will affect baldness.

Diagnosis :

diagnosis is done either by biopsy or by inspecting the scalp and hair under the microscope.

how can MPB be treated ?

there is no complete cure for this. but there are other techniques to cover up the bald patches.

1. hair transplant

2. counselling

4. wigs

5. hair weaves

these are certain measures taken for male pattern baldness.

MPB cannot be prevented if it is genetically inherited. but most theories say that baldness is highly affected by stress. therefore by reducing stress the level of baldness can be reduces.

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