Hairloss :

Hairloss :

Hair loss can be due to stress , family history (heredity ) , hormonal imbalance etc. seeing yourself losing hair on a daily basis can be very saddening. Hair loss not only takes a toll on your physical body but also affects your confidence. We at our clinic provide the best remedies for hairloss, recognizing the root cause for your problem and recommending the best possible treatment.


Run your fingers through your scalp , do you see a lot of hair strangled between your fingers ? Hair fall is natural as you cells grow. On an average, naturally every person loses around 100 strands a day. this is not noticeable because new strands of hair replaces the old ones. 

 Extensive hair fall is a sign of unhealthy lifestlye. Hair loss is most common on the scalp but it can happen anywhere on your body.


There are different types of hair loss like  gradual thinning of top head , patchy spots , sudden loss of hair, full body hair loss and patches scaling all of the scalp.


The most common reasons for hair loss is


1. Stress - Stress is a mental phenomena that affects your physical health on a larger scale , stress not only affects your hair pattern but also affects other parts of your body like your back.


2. Unhealthy eating habits : you are what you eat. Most of hair problems occur due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of hydration


3 Hormonal imbalance : Most of these reasons are interlinked to each other. Hormonal imbalance are again caused due to habits and supplements


4. Medication and supplements :  Medication and supplements take a toll. It all depends on how your body reacts to these chemicals.


5. Hair treatments : hair treatments like keratin treatments and hair colouring etc can also affect your hair loss


6. Other factors are age and loss of weight


Most of the types of hair fall are temporary and are curable. but the question is when to approach a doctor ? If you see sudden patches of baldness over your scalp , sudden increase in the loss of hair when you brush your hair, increase in hairfall when you wash your hair , then you should opt  for treatment. Contact us for the best and safe treatment for your hair loss

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