Erysipelas is a bacterial infection which affects  the upper layers of the skin. It is similar to another skin conditions  known as cellulites, which is an infection in the lower layers of the skin. Both conditions are similar in appearance and are treated in the same way.

What happens in Erysipelas ?

Erysipelas is a bacterial infection. It is caused by an bacteria called Streptococcus bacterium. The bacteria penetrates the outer barrier of the skin and infects the outer dermal layers. This bacteria enters the body through cuts or sores.   It affects the upper layer of the skin causing redness and irritation and a swollen raised edge  on the skin. it gives an effect like the skin in burnt.

The symptoms include swollen skin , blisters in affected areas ,  redness on the skin , fever and swollen glands.

What causes Erysipelas?

1. ulcers in the skin

2. surgical incisions

3. insect bites

4. certain skin conditions, such psoriasis

5. swollen legs due to health problems 

6. injection of illegal drugs, such as heroin

Diagnosis :

diagnosis of this is simply done by inspection of and cuts or sore areas of the skin.

Treatment :

there are many home remedies for this but , if its is not given proper medical attention , the condition worsens.

for smaller and more basic conditions oral prescription is given.

The medication is also given through IV

In cases where there is rapid growth and death of healthy tissues , surgery is done.


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