Caused by Viruses in the Human papillomavirus. Skin infection in which there is extra skin growth on the body which makes the outer layer rough, thick and hard on the affected spot. They are non-cancerous but contagious and usually appear on hands and feet. Royal Hairnic has been helping individuals suffering from this condition without the fear of spreading further and support needed to deal with any kind of embarrassment faced by the individual while the treatment is ongoing.


  • 1. Individuals with a weak immune system are more likely to have warts
  • 2. Individuals suffering from chronic skin diseases and who tend to bite nails are more likely to get warts.
  • 3. Warts are very contagious and any skin to skin contact might cause the infection.
  • 4. Not only skin to skin contact but using towels or razor used by the person having warts is enough to spread to others using the same towel or razor.
  • 5. If there is a cut or a wound on your skin, there is a more likely chance of getting infected.


 A few types of warts that have been occurring mostly:

  • 1. Common Warts: Mostly found on the back of hands around fingernails.They are often rough and black dots may be visible. The black dots are the blood vessels with blood clots. If your hands are infected and if you have a habit of biting nails then it is easy to spread it to your face.
  • 2. Plantar Warts: They appear on the soles of the feet and tend to grow into the skin due to the weight while walking and standing. They are sometimes found to be painful.
  • 3. Genital Warts: Transmitted by sexual contact with a person having warts. Some types of warts may cause cancer in skin growth on a women’s cervix
  • 4. Filiform Warts: Common sites of growth is the face around eyes, nose, and mouth. Touching such infected areas should be avoided in order not to spread to other parts of the body.


When to seek medical help is a very important step in treating the infection before spreading to other parts of the body. Normal dermatoscopic examination by the dermatologist is enough to determine the diagnosis. At Royal Hairnic we provide the individual with all the details of how to deal with warts and not spread the infection as it is highly contagious.

  • 1. Most warts fade off without treatment but the process may take from several weeks to years. And if they don’t disappear you can seek medical help at Royal Hairnic, our dermatologists will provide the best possible treatment based upon the location and extent of infection in each case.
  • 2. Over the counter, topical ointments may be prescribed to limit the spreading of the infection as well as treating the condition. 
  • 3. Cryotherapy is a process of freezing the wart so that a layer between the wart and skin is formed and eventually the dead skin and the wart to fall off after a week or so.
  • 4. Other procedures may be suggested to the individuals based upon each case to physically remove the wart from the skin surface without damaging the healthy skin surrounding the wart.
  • 5. At Royal Hairnic every procedure is performed by our dermatologists after explaining every possible treatment option available to you.
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