Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata

are you experiencing peculiar patterns hair fall on your scalp ?do you see sudden bald patches on your head ?

We have the solution to this peculiar hairfall condition called alopecia areata.This is a condition where there are bald patches over the scalp of the size of a coin. This problem arises mainly below the age of 30.

Alopecia Areata is not a very common condition among adults , therefore can be easily recognized and diagnosed. There are common causes of that can be traced.

why does this happen in the first place ?

The body's immune system attacks the hair follicles, forcing them to shrink and which inturn reduces the production of hair intensely. The reason for this to happen is still unclear.

One of the main reasons is genes , if a family member is experiencing this then there are chances you will also experience this condition. There is a 20% chance of experiencing this because of genes. The other causes include auto immune diseases and hyper allergic reactions  which are still not proven to be scientific.

The best way to recognize this disorder is by looking at the person's nails , usually the person's nails will be rough and out of shine. The other method is by examining a strand of hair

1. exclamation mark hair : The strand of hair will be very narrow at the ends

2.  cadaver hairs :  THe length of the hair will be very short and will break off before any contact with the scalp

3 white hair : white hair can be seen at the spot of balding

This rare condition can be diagnosed by seeing these symptoms and by examining the degree of hair loss under the microscope. For more complex cases a skin biopsy is taken. 

There is no demonstrated cure for this condition, although can be prevented or treatments of hair regrowth can be suggested.

There are many home remedies like applying onion juice , green tea , almond oil etc , other therapies like acupuncture and aroma therapy are also recommended,   But almost 30% of the patients who suffer from this have continuous cycles of hair fall or increase in the hairfall. therefore it is best suggested to visit a doctor before it intensifies. For more information contact the clinic

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