Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

hair transplant is a small procedure which involves implanting hair at the blad spots. hari transplant is not only used on the scalp but is also used for hair growth for beard and eyebrows.

Hair transplant could be very expensive in other places , but we offer hair transplant at affordable prices.

how does hair transplant work ?

hair transplant includes 3 steps

1. extract : hair is extracted from different parts of the body , since same DNA  is required for hair transplant hair is extracted from the same person and different part of his/her  body

2. implant : the hairs extracted from the parent part will be implanted into a recipient part where hair regrowth is required .

3. nourish : The implanted hairs need to get adjusted to their new part of growth , this part of the therapy needs to be done with carefulness and care.

types of hair transplant

Hair transplant neednt be only on the head , the types of hair transplant are :

1. head hair transplant

2. bear transplant

3. eyebrow transplant

4. body hair transplant

method of hair transplant

there are several method of transplant , we offer a variety of method for hair transplantation

1. Follicular unit transplant : here a strip of skin which has well grown hair is stripped off and weaved into the required area.

2. Follicular unit extraction : here the follicular unit is extracted and grafted with high precision equipment

3. No shave transplant  : most hair transplants require the implantation skin part to be shaven, we also provide no shave transplant where the recipient need not be shaved

4. Long hair transplant : it is a type of transplant that offers transplantation of long hair strands at the  recipient

we offer the best hair transplant services  and also post transplant care

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