Do you have brown patches of skin or clay like skin peeling off in areas you sweat ?

Then you have a mild skin condition called Erythrasma.  This skin condition affects the moist areas of your body because of a particular bacteria called Corynebacterium minutissimum.  This skin condition can turn out to be long lasting  and chronic if not treated well in early stages.

What happens in erythrasma?

Erythrasma is seen in areas of the body that are moist , like armpits , groin areas , between toes or under skin of the breasts.

There are microorganisms that are already living in the skin , due to some factors like obesity ,sweat and humid climate they affect  the skin.  Since sweat is the major factor for this skin condition, the fold of skin are most affected.

It starts off with redness on the skin and irritations and turns into dark red. If ignored further , skin becomes brown and scaly .

how to prevent Erythrasma ?

Most important for any skin condition is to maintain good physical hygiene .

keep the sweaty areas clean and wear breathable clothes.

take care of obesity and other medical conditions

Boost your immune system



Erythrasma is diagnosed my Wood's lamp skin test. For prolonged cases, the skin cultures are inspected under a microscope.

Treatment :

There are different types of treatment depending on the level of the disease.

1. antibiotics

2. antibacterial soaps

3. red light therapy  and antibacterial creams

can be the possible treatments depending on which suits you well. the doctors at our clinic will give you the best treatment for your skin condition. contact the clinic for further information.

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